Case Study

Keating Inc.

Website and Brand Identity

Art Direction

Keating Inc. Thunder Bay web design

Specialists that help people build smarter.

Back in 2011, our lead-designer worked on the Keating Inc branding and website. This resulted in their brand vision, “specialists that help people build smarter” which was reflected in the branding using photos of specialists in their field. Fast-forward to 2021 and we realized the brand has held up well over time but the website needed a facelift.. Here at Digital Mammoth we designed and developed a slick new modern and responsive website for Keating Inc.

Keating Inc. Thunder Bay web design on Imac

Mobile in Mind

All Digital Mammoth websites are designed to be mobile responsive, so users get the same great experience no matter what device they are on.

Keating Inc. Thunder Bay website design on iphone

Colour Palette

Keating’s primary colours are navy and orange. Navy represents confidence, power and authority. The colour orange represents joy, warmth, enthusiasm, health, encouragement and balance.

Keating Thunder Bay logo and colour palette


The font for Keating Inc is Submariner, a semi modular font with a subtle rounded finish.


graphic design Font showcase of letter a

Why Submariner?

We chose the Submariner type family due to the right amount of power and character on every depth level of each letter of the family. Due to its information pressure, Submariner is an excellent typographic experience for the Keating Inc brand.The font is more open and endings are slightly wider.

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