Case Study

Dutchak Scrap

Website and Brand Identity

Art Direction

Dutchak Scrap Metal website

We Give A Scrap

In 2021, Dutchak Scrap contacted us as their website required a facelift. Here at Digital Mammoth we designed and developed a slick new modern and responsive website for Dutchak Scrap. The new site is easy to navigate, mobile responsive, uses parallax, and we added animation to catch the users eyes.

We were also tasked to work on their branding to design a new and modern logo that will be effective across all branding materials.

Dutchak Scrap Website Desktop design

Mobile in Mind

All Digital Mammoth websites are designed to be mobile responsive, so users get the same great experience no matter what device they are on.

Dutchak Scrap Thunder Bay Mobile website design mockup

Colour Palette

Dutchak Scrap’s primary colours are yellow, dark yellow, and black. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and optimism.

Dutchak Scrap Logo


The font for Dutchak Scrap is Poppins, a geometric sans serif typeface.


Dutchak Font

Why Poppins?

We chose Poppins as the primary font for Dutchak Scrap because it is geometric in style, clean, and includes 18 different font weights, from thin to black. Because of the range of font styles and the font’s open feel, Poppins is great for both headlines and paragraph copy to improve readability and style.

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