Web Design: Shopify vs. WordPress

At Digital Mammoth, we specialize in WordPress and Shopify website development. Here are some additional pros and cons of each content management system.



  • Product/inventory management is very intuitive and easy to manage.
  • Large theme library supported by Shopify.
  • Admin API to create custom apps.
  • Automated updates.


  • Not as flexible on the front-end as WordPress is. 
  • Less third party plugins and apps than WordPress.
  • Checkout page is not customizable.



  • Flexible page builder that can build any layout you need.
  • Intuitive page management and super easy to make edits.
  • Fully customizable checkout page.
  • Easier to develop custom plugins/app than Shopify.


  • Product management isn’t as good as Shopify.
  • Checkout flow isn’t as optimized.
  • Manual updates every month.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Shopify if you are planning to make online sales, and WordPress if your website is mainly informational with custom integrations such as forms, password protected content (portals), and more.

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